October 12, 2007

Los Angeles Tech Events

The LA tech community has been working on putting together various events such as Twiistup and Lunch 2.0.

Today, YellowBot is hosting Lunch 2.0.

Vani & Ask, after getting the idea from Erik and Chad, started a new blog to talk specifically about Los Angeles tech events.

I also created a public Google Calendar that you can subscribe to in order to track these events and have added all for them as publishers to that calendar:

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September 14, 2007

If You Have An iPhone…

If you have an iPhone and haven’t done so already, make sure to:

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July 5, 2006

Get Paid for Video-Sharing

I’ve mentioned how sites like Revver helped you make money by placing ads in the video (which, even when embedded in other pages, would still be viewed and, therefore, credit your account).

Well, eefoof is offering a revenue share with video uploaders using their site:

When you upload a piece of media for submission to eefoof, your first hit immediately starts generating income. Each month, we measure the amount of individual page views for each item you submit, and then calculate the percentage of hits it accounted for its media type. We then use this number to figure out your share of the sites ad revenue. Once your account exceeds $25, we will send you a Paypal transfer to the email specified at account creation.

effoof accepts video, images, flash, and audio.

This business model has been around for a while. forums like digital point have been doing this type of thing for a while and have been successful in increasing adoption and, therefore revenue (revshare means smaller margins but in greater volumes…if you do it successfully).

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June 23, 2006

Flickr versus the Competition

I was talking to some friends about online photos the other day, which they use, and the whole Flickr versus Zoomr story.

Most all of them use Flickr…so I found it interesting when Leeann of Hitwise published some stats which showed Flickr is 6th in market share at slightly under 6%. Photobucket is the undisputed leader of the pack at a little under 44%.

I decided to take a look at what Alexa thinks…a graph at Alexaholic tells a different tale:
comparing photo sharing site traffic and market share

Alexa shows that Photobucket was slightly higher the beginning o the year but the last few months Flickr has been holding a slight lead over it.

Just goes to show you that everyone aggregates data in different ways and gauging the traffic someone gets (or their market share) as an outsider (read: no access to logs) is a daunting task. The best you can do is understand the ways these different providers aggregate their data in order to understand shortcomings or potential inaccuracies (or even potential for someone to game the system as this is easily done with Alexa).

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June 6, 2006

Google Spreadsheets to Launch Shortly

Google will soon launch an online spreadsheet application, probably integrating features learned from/developed by Writely whom they acquired earlier.

The WSJ has an article and there people are saying they will compete with Microsoft Office, Star Office, and Open Office.

Some people think they’re trying to rattle Microsoft.

Take the tour or sign up to be invited to try it.

more info at the NYT

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June 3, 2006

Ebay Blogs and Wikis

EBay blogs and wikis, with searchable tags

It’s a nice way to get more interaction between users…but how do they plan on regulating attacks by unhappy buyers? :-)

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April 28, 2006

Friday Notes for April 28, 2006

Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been pretty busy with various things lately so I have decided to roll up all my updates and summarize them in one post:

  • Congrats to Brian Pike for making CTO of Ticketmaster
  • Google is providing Sketchup for free (with a paid pro version). It will allow you to create 3D models to integrate with Google Earth. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this. Here are some ideas
  • Ask’s presentation on MySQL is available for download. It includes lots of the stuff we learned over the years but I told him I don’t like binary data like images in the DB (store the paths to them instead) ;-)
  • Renkoo is in a closed beta. It, like Skobee, is another Evite clone that plans on doing it better. (more on skobee)
  • Yahoo launched what appears to be a fixed placement ad product. source…note that this is a posting by Matt Booth. FYI, Citysearch utilized that business model before Matt pushed for the CPC route for CS (a good idea he should get credit for).
  • TrueLocal is offering a local traffic estimator tool to advertisers. I’ll try to get around to trying it out and seeing if it provides any real value and post results here. a user can type in shoes in 60612 and the local traffic estimator determines the three most popular categories for this search and the five nearest zip codes to 60612. This allows businesses to accurately asses which categories and zip for which they should bid.…Might be useful to use this tool for all your local marketing campaigns (assuming they get enough traffic for your area where you get a good, representative sample size).
  • Microsoft is gearing up for an attack against its search engine rivals….but regular readers here already know that ;-)
  • I just came across the first mainstream news source article on the v7ndotcom elursrebmem SEO contest. I first came across this one when my blog started getting continually referer and comment spammed with “v7ndotcom elursrebmem.” I didn’t understand why they were trying to optimize those words by spamming me but googling it turned up the reason (hard to find the reason now since everyone is optimizing for those words in the contest):

    Searching on “v7ndotcom elursrebmem” on Google yesterday yielded more than 6 million matching pages. My favorite is the site ranked No. 2, which purports to be the official site for “The Grand V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Hotel,” a nonexistent hotel in London, complete with photos and a virtual tour.

  • I wonder if the CIA is reading this blog
  • We’re sellingWe’re not selling. We cater to students, we cater to business people…either way, possibly good for local advertising. Perhaps this is a way to increase their potential audience to get more subscriptions and to capture an audience that isn’t quite so fickle so they don’t become the next Friendster but, instead, tap into revenue from businesses and business networking that hangs around (and may even increase when times get rough as they may be searching for business leads).
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April 10, 2006

News Sites Writing Articles to Optimize for Google

The NY Times has an on how news sites are now writing articles for Googlebot.

JOURNALISTS over the years have assumed they were writing their headlines and articles for two audiences — fickle readers and nitpicking editors. Today, there is a third important arbiter of their work: the software programs that scour the Web

The search-engine “bots” that crawl the Web are increasingly influential, delivering 30 percent or more of the traffic

So news organizations large and small have begun experimenting with tweaking their Web sites for better search engine results. But software bots are not your ordinary readers: They are blazingly fast yet numbingly literal-minded. There are no algorithms for wit, irony, humor or stylish writing. The software is a logical, sequential, left-brain reader, while humans are often right brain.

I hate to see news articles change and become dry because they are optimizing for crawlers. If journalists affect society by picking stories to write, how to write them, taking sides (i.e. liberal versus conservative), etc….does that mean that crawlers and, especially, Googlebot now has that same type of power/influence?

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March 30, 2006

.com Domain Name Availability

There’s a writeup of an analysis of available .com domain names that reviews availability of popular domains, including those based on length of the domain and those based on popular name in the US.

…there’s a reason why you’re reading this on fano.us and not [fanous].com :-)

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March 29, 2006

Google Music and Google Health next?

Google and other search engines have an advantage in knowing what people are searching for and how well it is monetized (through CPC ads, etc).

There has been talk about a Google Music service that allows you to buy and download music (similar to their Video service). The rumors seem to stem from the fact that there is a party being held by Google with 20 top Music Execs. The rumors prompted Google to reply, denying the rumor. It could be that they are “protesting too much” by replying…or it could be that they are planning something else…perhaps with Google Music Search.

How about selling tickets on there?

There have also recently been theories about a “Google Health” mostly because of key hire for “Google Health Architect.”

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