March 31, 2005

Need to figure out context?

Yahoo released another API that does term extraction that extracts significant words from a block of text based on your query term

Looks interesting.

Note to self: see what you can aome up with for this one.

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google maps going mobile(?) & also providing ride info

google states in their sec filing how they purchased a mobile mapping company almost a year ago.

They are also testing maps with ride info. Los Angeles (where I am) seems to have nothing right now…but google apologizes and says they hope to get a lot more data/cities fed into it shortly.

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Cyveillance people are idiots

I keep getting log entries from a range of IP addresses that claim they are a windows/ie installation. Everytime I lookup that IP, it always resolves to cyveillance. It appears as if it is a robot (based on my log entries) but it ignores robots.txt

I Googled them and found this.

Are you others seeing them too? What have you done about it?

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Blingo the new iwon

Blingo gives away prizes to its visitors. Sound familiar? iwon did this years ago when they gave away millions and later, after the bubble, gave away bikes and other such prizes. iwon, which is now owned by Ask Jeeves now gives away thousands.

So what does blingo have to offer? What is their business model?

Well, their search results are powered by Google. Their PPC ads (how I imagine they primarily make their money) is also powered by google. So what other benefits do they add? Well, they give you the ability to sign up and “refer” others and if those others win, you get the same prize. Sounds kind of like a pyramid scheme…I’d like the increased chances of winning but if anyone ever spammed/gave away my info because they wanted to increase their chances, I’d cut them off :-) They also offer a much cleaner/simpler design than iwon’s. Their prizes are much smaller…gift certificates, ipod shuffles & minis, movies, etc.

But do you know what the worst thing is about Blingo? The fact that they are taking part in the Google 302 exploit which hijacks the SEO benefits from target sites to boost their traffic :-(

$ telnet 80
Connected to (
Escape character is ‘^]’.
HEAD /external-result/ ompanyTearsheet.jhtml?tkr=IACI HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 17:47:23 GMT
Server: Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux) mod_gzip/ mod_ssl/2.8.12 OpenSSL/0.9.6b
Location: HTML?tkr=IACI
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

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EVDB (Event DB) beta is live

EVDB is an event and venue database/search. It allows you to add events, search for them, export them in ical (subscribe or download) and RSS, and more. It also allows you to essentially create lists (create your own calendars).

Event pages are essentially blog entries (or so they appear) with images, trackbacks, comments, permalinks, and tags (you can modify/add).

For non-registered users, searching allows you to find information faster than which really pushes registration., however, has a rich taxonomy/categorization (for both geographies and categories) and a lot more events…plus some additional “friends” or social networking features.

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Joshua states that he quit his job to dedicate some time to… are we potentially seeing some sprucing up for VC funding and/or preparation as an acquisition target?

It could make a good addition to some of the pre-existing social networking sites or as a cheap(er) way of jump-starting a social-networking site…or even as another traffic source (as with all the blogging sites that have been purchased by Ask and Google, respectively).

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Yahoo 360 Mail marked as spam

DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=DNS; c=nofws; s=ginc1024;; b=Japvq6qTNQ57fscWWT7/ccsPpb8WW2/
Fn2OP8ZaPnmE12WprbR2KzCYVnADNu33KUnU+pxSz998K5CzSKugoL7sxCAqOx5et+Ei+F i54iDyfVpMwe8IhulpEhHQFGO1Ahc4hUHrx5iOhUa
From: “Yahoo! 360 Alerts”
X-Yahoo-Bounces: 1
X-Spam-Detect: HIGH
X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=6.908 req=5, tests=FROM_ENDS_IN_NUMS,HTML_70_80,HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_06,HTML_MESSAGE,MIM E_H
X-Spam-Level: ****** (6.908)
interesting that the email are from and are being marked as spam (not to my yahoo account) partially because of the fact the email ends in a number. I’m interested in seeing how they (or if they) respond to this.

I also noticed that they are adding DomainKey-Signature headers in their mails (something they’ve done for a while).

I wonder how often this happens? I don’t think I’ve ever seen their emails marked as spam (at least not in the past couple of years). They’ve gotten good at it becuase of yahoo mail. They’re also very good at dropping in their own spam into my yahoo inbox (i.e. new features of yahoo search, overture ads, etc) without marking it as spam. Also, if you believe what early adopters of gmail were saying, dropping competitors’ emails into the bulk folder (some were saying their gmail invites kept showing up in yahoo bulk folders but I haven’t confirmed this so take it with a grain of salt).

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March 30, 2005

Ask Jeeves versus Google

Is it me or is Ask Jeeves mocking Google?

Mar 10, 2005 - Google blogs about their news service entitled I read the news today, oh boy!
Mar 21, 2005 - Jeeves blogs about their acquisition by IAC entitled I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

Mar 11, 2005 - Google tells a story about their vending machines and all the drinks they have in a blog entitled Man vs. mini-kitchen
Mar 25, 2005 - Jeeves blogs about their vending machines in a funny article entitled Man vs. Vending Machine

Funny stuff…

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plagiarist asks comedy writer for help

someone made a proposal asking for a paper written for her college assignment and this guy *really* messes her up.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for the poor girl.

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New Wireless Router

I’ve just upgraded from a Netgear 802.11b wireless router (MR814 - the silver version with the detachable antenna) to a Linksys SRX 802.11g/b wireless router (WRT54GX).

Why did I bother? Well, aside from the faster speeds I will get from moving from 802.11b to 802.11g with SRX (I haven’t purchased a matching card yet), here are the other reasons:
1. The range on the Netgear was horrible. I had to stay no more than 1 room away (and, sometimes,I could barely get a signal at the edge of the backyard, close to the house). To make matters worse, I have a 15 inch 1GHz TiBook (Titanium Powerbook) which are notoriously known for their poor reception. The powerbook also has a POP-out antenna built in. However, the POP-out antenna didn’t help a whole lot (though it helped in eeking out an extra couple of feet when it was needed).
2. Everytime our phone cordless phone would ring, the connection on the Netgear would drop…yes, taht’s right…I said *ring* — we didn’t have to turn the phone on and speak on it…as soon as it rang, the connection would drop. If I was working on something important, I would have to beg my wife to answer the phone in the other room (not a cordless) and do it quickly…can you imagine writing a program on a remote server and, half-way through it, losing the connection before you save…thank goodness there are ways to recover those files (i.e. swp files for vi and those temp files for emacs).

How did the SRX Router perform?
1. There isn’t a place I can’t go within my house or yard that has a dead spot…not one! Furthermore, the speed is noticeably faster with this router from the point I usually connect from than my old router…and my powerbook’s card is still using its oem 802.11b airport card (all this range despite the poor reception this thing gets).
2. no more dropped connections even when we get on the cordless phone and sit right next to the laptop!

All this does have a cost, though…the router is expensive relative to other routers. Also, with all this range, I had to make sure everything was as secure as possible (restrict by MAC address, encryption, various monitoring scripts I put together, etc) since someone might decide to try and connect from in front of my house.

Anyway, I have a Netgear router that is free for the taking for the first person who asks for it!

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