April 27, 2005

Tim Bunce on DBI

For all of you in the L.A. area, Tim will be giving a presentation tonight at Valueclick. Information (time, etc) is available at the Thousand Oaks Perlmongers site.

If you can’t make it, check out the slides.

I can’t make the trip all the way out to Westlake Village so I’m hoping on getting anything else I may have missed from others.

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“hacker” unwittingly hacks own computer

Slashdot has an article about a “hacker” that got mad at somebody for getting kicked off of IRC. He comes back and asks for the IP address of the person who kicked them off. He was given :-)

I’d like to read the details but they’re suffering form the slashdot effect right now and I can’t get in. :-(

This is just too funny to be true….

…hey wait a minute, I just checked, that’s my IP addres…oh no!!!! :-)

For thos that don’t get it: defined

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April 26, 2005

Yahoo’s New Personalization

Yahoo has just launched Yahoo MyWeb which adds search history (like google’s) but adds the social aspect of it by allowing you to also save searches, syndicate them using RSS, and they’re even experimenting with AttentionXML…and, as is standard with Yahoo these days, there is an API (woohoo!).

Well, as usual, I decided to try it out. I logged in and turned on search history…but when I went into myweb after conducting a number of searches, I had a message that there was noting in my history! So I decided to try out the saving…but from the search pages, I could not find any links asking me to save those results. I read that when I do save, I get a snapshot of exactly the way it looks at that time…not just saving alink that takes me back to the current search with the query I searched for (which brings up a question of how far within the results are actually saved…so if I had millions of results, how much are cached?).

Anyway, I played around for a while and clicked on web sites within the results pages and went back…apparently, my search page isn’t saved in the history…just the items I clicked on. Then, I searched the page for “Save” and realized that I can’t save the search…I am just saving results within the search (same as the history). The problem is how do I know if I want to save an item until after I have already clicked on it, examined it, and had already left Yahoo…that’s the purpose of bookmarking through the browser’s tools…but, according to their information, Yahoo states they added functionality to their Yahoo toolbar (but I haven’t tested or seen what it does).

While this may be an interesting utility, it is more of a bookmark/del.icio.us list rather than a search tool. I originally was wondering why I would want to import bookmarks or how that would be integrated when I read it on their site…but now that I understand how that works, it makes sense.

I also have the ability to block a result…but doing so just doesn’t show it in the results on the page it is supposed to be…but there is essentially a placeholder for it because when I search again, I see results number up to 9 out of the 36MM results for my search with a message at the bottom that an item is blocked from that page.

I really wish they allowed me to save searches and maintain history of the searches. Especially if they tied this in with all of their properties (my searches for local, video, searches in my mails, etc). I currently do not see any tie-in to any of the other properties other than their main/algorithmic search.

If these features do exist, then their UI is not very intuitive or I might have caught them in the middle of the release (since I just came across it right now) but I doubt it. If saving searches did exist, the ability to file them and organize them would be very useful.

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Spy on what Adwords your competitor is buying

GoogSpy claims to take a dump of 500,000 Google search results per day and put them into their database. It’s interesting that the founder is a former microsoft employee.

Anyway, if you want to advertise but don’t know what words your competitors are buying…you can go to the engines and search one word at a time…or you can stop by googspy and search by keyword or company/url.

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MSN favoring IIS? Google’s Trustrank?

Slashdot had a couple of interesting search-related artcles today:

1. Slashdot reported that someone conducted a test and found that MSN ranks websites that reutrn IIS server tokens higher. Don’t know if this is true and, if so, whether it is intentional or not. Apache doesn’t allow you to override the Server token (though you can set how much info you want it to report using “ServerTokens”)…even though they did allow some fudging with it in earlier versions of Apache 2 but later patched it. You could, however, use an alternative webserver (or write one on your own) that proxies your webserver and modifies the Server header. :-)

2. Slashdot also reported that Google trademarked TrustRank perhaps to do this.

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April 25, 2005

Which file extension are you?

I came across the which file ext are you quiz via Vani’s site.

It reminded me of other quizes like that such as which OS are you and How evil are you and which video game are you (I linked to a search page because there is a lot of them and I don’t remember which was the original).

Anyway, apparently, there’s a lot more…have fun.

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Google adds more ads options

google has added the ability to target your ads by site (a domain/url) and keyword. They have also added bidding for CPM advertising. Check it out.

Additionally, advertisers will get to decide what they look like and more. More info here

Also coming from google, according to this…animated banners?!?!?

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April 22, 2005

Moving from Safari to Firefox

So I used Apple’s Software Update to install OSX Update 10.3.9 and security updates 2005-003 and 2005-004…but I had a problem. Safari is extremely unstable now and always crashing.

So I decided to use the firefox browser I already had installed. I noticed it was an older release so I went and downloaded the latest one…version 1.0.3.

One interesting thing of note that I saw after installed 1.0.3 was that the default homepage had changed drastically (if you read this blog you might already know about google’s ties to firefox). The homepage used to be something like this. I also noticed that a lot of the default links seem to favor google. :-)

Next, I had to figure out how to get my bookmarks and passwords into firefox. Well, I found Safari Bookmark Extractor on versiontracker. It allowed me to export my bookmarks from Safari to an HTML page. I then found the Bookmarks Synchronizer extension for firefox…but it was for versions 0.8-.09…so I dug around and found this…well, after monkeying around with that extension, I just went to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks, then when the new window opens, File -> Import -> From File (then browsed to the HTML file). It imported them but then I had to move things around (which didn’t allow me to simply drag things around for some reason…I had to highlight, then click move, then browse to the bookmark folder to drop them in).

Well, my bookmarks are now in firefox…now I have to either figure out how to get all my passwords into firefox or type them all in as I go. :-( Anybody have any ideas?

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Blinkx & Disney “Push” the envelope

Remember Blinkx? I told you to remember ;-)

Anyway, I read they signed a deal with Disney to create something for The Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Basically, users can go to the hitchiker’s site and download a “smart folder” powered by Blinkx that will reside on the user’s desktop. Disney/Blinkx will then push (remember the push for push?) content (i.e. links, trailers, pictures, etc) into that folder. Pretty cool idea…but good luck finding the link.

After waiting for the flash to load (I had to first download flash for firefox on linux), I had to wait through intros, click on “download, ” then click on “more” to find a popup window that landed on this page. I’d try it but I’m currently not on my Mac and am using my Linux desktop (they have the application for windows & mac).

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April 21, 2005

Go Hunting from your armchair (or office)


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