August 23, 2006

Search and Market Share

Google’s market share has taken a dip. It’s always difficult to increase market share (or even hold it) when you’re the dominant player, almost equal in size to the sum of all the other main players. It would be easier to be the smallest guy on the block, gain .3-.5 percent of the total market and be happy you just got a 5-10% increase in your overall users. Just ask Ask.

So Google continues to release more and more products and features…but at some point, the effect of releasing so many products (and, therefore, product announcements) leads to a diminishing effect in attracting users/subscribers.

So Google decided to go directly for existing users by going after MySpace users, making Wallstreet happy.

MSN, meanwhile, responded by going after an exclusive deal with Facebook.

So what’s next for Google? Continue going for existing user bases through partnerships or acquisition? An increase in online users would mean a larger pool of users from which you can increase your user base…does that lead to more free Internet? Maybe a focus on internationalization as a source for new users? I think the continued roll out of new and enhanced product will come without a doubt….

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August 3, 2006

Perlmonks blocking robots

Perlmonks has started blocking all robots. The message says:

# sorry, but misbehaved robots have ruined it for all of you.

I don’t get it…why try blocking robots in robots.txt? Misbehaving ones will ignore it and you’ll just exclude it from the beneficial one. Optionally, you can exclude all except for the few major search engines.

You see, here is my problem. I can’t stand the Perlmonks search engine. It is very slow and very irritating. It’s quality of results is also sometimes questionable. The way I resolve this is that I go to Google and type in
“_query term_” … only one problem…I can’t do that anymore! :-(

As for the SEOs that read this, I would imagine most traffic to perlmonks comes from people going there directly…They have this community bulletin board where people ask for perl programming help and people offer up their help.

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