Marchex, the SEO/SEM and web development company that bought openlist (formerly local-i, has
launched a bunch of local mini-sites.

Here are a couple of examples:
1. It is a Beverly Hills site. Marchex claims to own approximately 96% of all the US postal code domains. The only ones I have come across as available for sale recently have been postal code zipcodes which would provide little to no use to people looking to optimize for local.
2. Gary’s Auto Service in Denver, CO.

Both sites are powered by openlist data…I sure saw this one coming.

This is sort of a domain parking meets SEO meets local search set of sites.

It looks like open list will be converted as a portal to all these other

By late September, Marchex said it plans to launch a new version of a
site called Open List ( as a consumer destination
site. It will contain an overview of links to its local network, in a bid
to drive repeat traffic.

With all of these sites, I wonder if they’re concerned about Google’s duplicate content penalty or if they think that will be tempered by all the type in traffic they get with those premium domains…they *must* have thought about it since they are in the SEO space.

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