Jim Boykin hypothesizes on Google’s Top 10 Choices for Search Results.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything, but it is interesting. The rules are fairly generic and oversimplified and I’m sure a company of thousands of engineers spend far more time than just using these rules…but these rules should be taken as good, possible rules of thumb.

For example, the first item states:

The College Paper top 10 Listing (.edu’s). That .edu link that might not have much to do with the topic, but Google will serve you the best it can find from a college site.

Well, try searching for “search” and note that AltaVista is first, Google second, a number of the most popular search engines afterward (all .com).

Then, try searching for “pagerank.” Google’s page comes first, followed by various SEO and other pages before getting the stanford document that started it all. :

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