Many have been interested in my free geocoder but, with the launch of their new API, it looks like Yahoo is providing geocoding APIs, APIs to stitch together maps for offline/mobile use (remember when Google prevented someone from doing that?), etc:

Geocoding API - Pass in location data by address and receive geocoded (encoded with latitude-longitude) responses.

Map Image API - Stitch map images together to build your own maps for usage in custom applications, including mobile and offline use.

Traffic APIs - Build applications that take dynamic traffic report data to help you plan optimal routes and keep on top of your commute using either our REST API or Dynamic RSS Feed.

Local Search APIs - Query against the Yahoo! Local service, which now returns longitude-latitude with every search result for easy plotting on a map. Also new is the inclusion of ratings from Yahoo! users for each establishment to give added context.

Hopefully, the Yahoo Geocoding tool is better than mine. :-)

Also, if you haven’t done so already, check out the Yahoo Maps beta which demonstrates their maps API used with flash, etc.

If you are a maps/local site developer, check out Justin’s description on modifying maps by creating a transparent overlay (which can be applied to just about any map API).

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