Well, I’ve been up here at Microsoft’s campus and here are a few bullet points of interesting items (not a complete list):

  1. Lots of great ideas, some of which can be made public but others remain under NDA that will be released within weeks or months. Stay tuned to here about the new features as they come.
  2. There was a nice review of the request for user info by the government
  3. Gary Flake announced Live Labs (MSN’s labs) and they are committed to hiring talent and building cool new tools. I’ll be providing slides (a good presentation by Gary) but here is the manifesto…more, better APIs, etc.
  4. Chris Pirello is always a great person to argue with ;-) … Chris also demo’ed the OSX on his intel-based IBM laptop that was seen on engadget (thanks, Chris)
  5. MSN has demonstrated great community support and wants to embrace it…they’d like to share the Microsoft stigma and would like to experience the recent renaissance Yahoo enjoyed when they got their mojo back.
  6. Live.com will be their new platform. They will carry verticals there and other tools.
  7. Developers should check out Microsoft Gadgets
  8. Alex Daley and had some great insight and are doing great things with virtual earth. Check it out if you are a developer.
  9. Scoble is not an edge case. ;-)

more to come…

UPDATE: Gary’s presentation is now available online.

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