W3C Selling Pagerank 9 Backlinks for $1000

I was trolling around a message board that made mention of the W3C‘s supporters page where they link to “supporters” (defined as having contributed money to them). If you contribute a minimum of $1000, you get a live link to your site. In addition to getting the link on the pagerank 9 page, you will also get a link on a page that provides more supporter details which is a pagerank 7.

A few notes:

  • The fees are annual
  • They are also accepting donations like software and hardware. They will be putting up a wishlist
  • It is a great deal for 2 links, pagerank 7 and 9
  • The value of the link will be diminished the more links go up on that page (pagerank is calculated by giving weight to outgoing links based on the number of outgoing links from the originating page).
  • With this information showing up all over the place (like here), Google is bound to find out about it and, when they’ve found sites that are selling links, have discounted those links
  • It is an interesting way for the W3C to make money. I wonder if they intended this to happen or if this is just a side-effect of what they were trying to do. In any case, they provide good services and information and I hope it doesn’t harm them
  • PR has been given less weight by Google but still carries some weight

In short, give for the right reasons…not to try to extract search engine (or more specifically, Google) benefit.

Author: emad

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24 thoughts on “W3C Selling Pagerank 9 Backlinks for $1000”

  1. That is quite funny all of you are donating $1000 to this site and they don’t even provide your link to any of the search engines as the page source states:

    For those of you who can’t figure this out that HTML tells the search bots not to read the content below. Therefore your links aren’t showing up to search engines.

    Those of you who like donating money can come to my site now and donate the money I just saved you if your that giving: [url=http://www.ticketoption.com]Super Bowl Tickets[/url]

  2. In Reference to Mr/Ms Super Bowl Tickets SEO person 😉

    You bring up a good point. It appears this appeared in their supporters page:

    <meta name=”ROBOTS” content=”INDEX, NOFOLLOW” />

    Don’t know how long that was in there. Anyone? It’s not in the Internet archive.

  3. Yeah, it is great to get pr9 backlink for $1000, but i think that it is little expencive from page with more than 200 random links (it reduce value of pagerank).
    For couple hundered $ you can get strong links from PR6-7 websites. Just little effort.
    Also, try PHP communities. They all pr6 and higher, and they all accept donations (some of them with backlink)

  4. But W3C clearly stated in its FAQs that it instructs the search engines to ignore the links on the page. If you check the source code you will robots=”index,nofollow”. So, it may not increase your search engine rank. In my opinion, the great benefit you will is the big boost to your reputation being a donor.

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  6. It’s an interesting discussion. I’m not aware of a list of Open Source donation pages (it would be a good idea to make one!), but ours is here – http://www.openwall.com/donations/ (which happens to be at PR7).

    Currently, our policy is to acknowledge donations of $100+, along with optional hyperlinks. We do not guarantee that the links will stay around forever (the website might be re-arranged), but this page has been around for a few years already.

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