Techcrunch points out Earthmine, a sort of Google Streetview but with tagging, higher resolution photos, and more details.

[I]magine you’re a restaurant owner who wants to entice potential customers by tagging the outside of your diner within a 3D panorama with menu information and digital coupons.

What this all means is that Earthmine’s system can keep track of the objects found in the real world and attribute information to each of them (a process known as “asset mapping?).

There seems to be a growing number of companies in this arena. I’ve emailed/talked briefly with Danny Moon of UpNext, Jeff Brandes of Everyscape, and others. I really like what these sites are doing and what they are planning to do. More to come when I can talk about it some more. ;-)

The interface definitely has a coolness factor. However, finding the information you are looking for still needs some work. I imagine some sort of combination between traditional local search and these 3D immersive technologies may lead to a useful product…so it was no suprise to me when Google came out with their Street View product (and what also fuels the speculation that they could build a Second Life competitor). Blending online and offline will lead to a better product. Whether you sue this immersive map, mobile phones with GPS integrated with maps, or even QR Codes that you can take a picture of with your mobile phone and be automatically taken to an appropriate website, menu (if it is a restaurant), or map (for example).

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